A little bit about me.

Growing up, people always told me I should be a teacher or a nurse. I idealized a job where I got to help people every day, but going into a field like teaching or nursing meant I would have to give up my passion for being creative. I considered graphic design and even painting, but those didn't have the human element I craved. I was at a crossroads until I discovered the work of a interaction designer.

People are at the heart of great interaction design, and without that human factor, technology would remain largely inaccessible. I believe that it's not enough to build projects that are just understandable; it's necessary to build projects that bring joy, excitement, pleasure, and beauty into people’s lives. As a interaction designer, I look to humanize technology.

Headshot of Megan Knapp

My values

😍 Passion is everything.

By investing in our unique gifts and talents and fueling our passions, we are able to live lives filled with meaning. The motivation to create something that inspires ourselves and others and contributes to the world in a meaningful way comes naturally.

🤓 Always be learning.

Humans are constant works in progress that need to receive feedback in order to grow. I am always looking at ways to challenge and improve myself, which is why in my spare time I like to read blogs, dabble in new projects, and attend virtual events and conferences.

⚖ Work hard, play hard.

Achieving a healthy work life balance lends itself to “better health and wellness, greater organizational commitment, greater job satisfaction” and more. When I’m not designing, I enjoy seeing live music, rock climbing, and exploring local hiking trails.